October 2017 Event
Thursday 12th Rodney Vincent
Friday 13th Me & The Girl
Saturday 14th The INXS Show
Sunday 15th Baker Moran on the Malibu Deck 4pm-8pm
Thursday 19th Maurice Milani
Friday 20th Scott And Amanda
Saturday 21st Achtung Baby — U2 Tribute
Sunday 22nd John Luke Shelley on the Malibu Deck 4pm-8pm
Thursday 26th Paul Vitullo
Saturday 27th Touch 'n' Go
Saturday 28th Andrew Wishart on the Malibu Deck 5pm-9pm
Jimmy Cupples in the Main Lounge
Sunday 29th Ash Kennedy on the Malibu Deck 4pm-8pm


November 2017 Event
Thursday 2nd Rodney Vincent
Friday 3rd Me & The Girl
Saturday 4th Cool Change — LRB Show
Thursday 9th Me & The Girl
Friday 10th King Kats
Saturday 11th The Screamin' Eagles
Thursday 16th Paul Vitullo
Friday 17th Me & The Girl
Saturday 18th Bogarts Call
Thursday 23rd Mark Haze
Friday 24th Taktile
Saturday 25th Thunderstruck AC/DC Tribute
Thursday 30th Mark Haze
December 2017 Event
Friday 1st SCAZ
Saturday 2nd Neil Diamond Super Hits Show
Sunday 3rd Me & The Girl on The Malibu Deck 4pm-8pm
Thursday 7th Rodney Vincent
Friday 8th Maurice Milani
Saturday 9th Katie Perry & Robbie Williams Tribute
Sunday 10th Maurice Milani on The Malibu Deck, 4pm-8pm
Thursday 14th Maurice Milani
Friday 15th Me & The Girl
Saturday 16th Australian Beach Boys Show
Sunday 17th Paul Lines on The Malibu Deck, 4pm-8pm
Thursday 21st Rodney Vincent
Friday 22nd Scott & Amanda
Satruday 23rd Dragon — Get That Jive
Sunday 24th Ash Kennedy on The Malibu Deck, 4pm-8pm
Tuesday 26th Code 5
Wednesday 27th Catch 22
Thursday 28th Jimmy Cupples
Friday 29th Junk Male
Saturday 30th Guitarmageddon
Sunday 31st — Daine Runnalls Malibu Deck 5pm-9pm
— The Shakers, in the Main Lounge,
— DJ Whatsober, on the foreshore


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