December 2015
Thursday 3rd
Paul Vitullo
Friday 4th
All Fired Up
Saturday 5th The Mellencamp Show
Sunday 6th
Luke Dewing on the Deck, 3pm-6pm
Thursday 10th
Rodney Vincent
Friday 11th
Touch'n'Go in the Main Lounge.
Carols by The Lagoon, 6pm-8.30pm
Saturday 12th
Sunday 13th
Paul Lines on the Deck, 3pm-6pm
Thursday 17th
Rodney Vincent
Friday 18th
Scott & Amanda
Saturday 19th
Catch 22
Sunday 20th
Paul Lines on the Deck, 3pm-6pm
Saturday 26th
Thunderstruck AC/DC tribute
Sunday 27th
Jimmy Cupples Band
Monday 28th
Junk Male
Tuesday 29th
Andrew Wishart on the Deck 5pm-9pm
Ross Wilson in the Main Lounge
Wednesday 30th
Pseudo Echo
Thursday 31st
Catch 22 in the Main Lounge; Supple-K on the Lagoon
January 2016
Friday 1st
Andrew Wishart on the Deck 5pm-9pm
No Exit, Angels Tribute Show
Saturday 2nd
Sunday 3rd Eurythmics-Fleetwood Mac Tribute Show
Monday 4th
Woodlock, 5pm-9pm on the Malibu Deck
Tuesday 5th
Woodlock, 5pm-9pm on the Malibu Deck
Thursday 7th
Woodlock, 8pm-midnight in the Main Lounge
Friday 8th
Achtung Baby U2 tribute
Saturday 9th
Cold Chisel-INXS Tribute Show
Sunday 10th
Family Fun Day
Thursday 14th
Rodney Vincent
Friday 15th
Scott & Amanda
Saturday 16th
Screamin' Eagles
Sunday 17th
Paul Lines 3pm-7pm, on the Malibu Dec
Thursday 21st
Mark Haze
Friday 22nd
Me & The Girl
Saturday 23rd
Chocolate Starfish
Sunday 24th
Bob Starkie (Skyhooks fame)
Thursday 28th
Paul Vitullo
Friday 29th
Scott & Amanda
Saturday 30th ThunderStruck AC/DC tribute
February 2016
Thursday 4th
Phil Dalby
Friday 5th
Scott & Amanda
Saturday 6th
Keith Urban
Thursday 11th
Rodney Vincent
Friday 12th
Maurice Milani
Saturday 13th
Tina Turner Tribute
Thursday 18th
Mark Haze
Friday 19th
Me & The Girl
Saturday 20th
Thursday 25th
Rodney Vincent
Friday 26th
Scott & Amanda
Saturday 27th
Regular Boys


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